1. If anyone lives in Atlanta and doesn’t care about college football, will you be my friend? It’s going to be a long four months.

  2. population-e:

    and i will take one of each, please.

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  4. All you ATL dwellers,* check out this fun charity event I’m helping to plan and think about joining us!

    We’re throwing a crawfish boil to support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation on May 10th at SweetWater, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Think live music, unlimited crawfish and drinks, etc.

    Check out the website for more information, photos from past events, and to buy tickets. Hope to see some of you there!

    * Or Boston, New York, and Chicago dwellers


  5. This. Promise it’s worth a listen (especially minutes 4-9). 


  6. Courage

    is being Barbara Lee on September 14, 2001. 

    Just listened to the Radiolab podcast 60 Words, and wow. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t know this before. 

    This is not so much a political post as one recognizing the strength of a woman willing to stand her ground for what she believed was right in the face of 534 members of Congress, and millions of others, who believed differently. 

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    Experiments in Motion

    So cool!

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  8. I’m trying (with limited success). Come on, ATL.

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